Dutch Shine in Boulder CO in action.

Today Dutch Shine is in Boulder CO doing a local commercial window cleaning job.

Dutch Shine together with my two Son's and staff  working on a yearly project.

Each  year in June we at Dutch Shine are trusted with a local commercial window cleaning job here in Boulder CO.

The Job has to be completed with in two weeks time frame.

We will clean about 14000 windows ranging from 1 to 4 stories (about 65-70 feet ) high.

In this video you see my oldest son cleaning a window ,using what we call a quick commercial squeegee move.

This move is fast and takes some time to master.

Enjoy this clip and if you rather have Dutch Shine doing the job for you ....

Call us at 303-999-5152 or visit our web www.dutchshine.com for all your window,gutter,power wash,carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.


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Dutch Shine Commercial Window Cleaning Boulder CO