The cost of window cleaning is based on how many glass panels there are.

Below are some samples of how we count  each panel of glass, once we know the total count,we can give you a  quote  over the phone . Remember to include glass doors, exterior and interior; skylights and mirrors you want cleaned. If you have any questions, please call us at 303-999-5152


Slider – 2 panels

window slider Aspen Window Free Estimate Window Cleaning


Casement 2 panels

Casement windows open with cranks or levers that open them like doors.

Double Hung, 2 panels

window doublehung Aspen Window Free Estimate Window Cleaning


Double-hung windows open by sliding the bottom half of the window up or sliding the top half down.

Awning – 2 panels

window awning Aspen Window Free Estimate Window Cleaning

Awning windows, also known as hopper windows, swing open like casements but are hinged on the top or bottom rather than on the side,

Multiple- 12 Panes

True Divided Lights

window multilight Aspen Window Free Estimate Window Cleaning

Windows with true divided lights have partitions on the glass that split the glass into sections. Each section must be washed individually, and is therefore treated as a separate pane of glass.

We charge less to clean a pane of glass than we do for panels, so be sure to count your panes separately from your panels.

Simulated Divided Lights

Some windows have simulated divided lights. They look like true divided lights, but the partitions that separate the panels (called muntins) are just a single grille that can be removed. Some windows have this grille mounted between the panes of glass, so it can’t be removed or even touched.

With this type of window, count panels as though the grilles were not present. In the illustration shown here, you would count 2 panel.