How often should you clean your carpetsi n Boulder, Denver CO

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Carpet cleaning how often in Boulder CO

Boulder and Denver CO. Dutch Shine carpets & upholstery cleaning. How often is the question. Is vacuuming enough? Vacuuming is great way to keep your carpet alive for a long time, however it does not take out the dirt embedded deep down. We at Dutch Shine recommend for normal use at leased every 9 months when you have a pet every 6 and a business every 3 months. We at Dutch Shine use a deep clean air cell extraction that leaves zero residue, we use a all green seal Detergent with a low moist that dries in less than two hours. First we prep your carpet , vacuuming than treat the spots as well prep the traffic areas extra charge for that. Steam cleaning, does not and is unable to extract all the water after the cleaning, there for leaving the Detergents and chemicals that they used behind in your carpet!!! We like to leave you with a safe and sanitized clean carpet with zero residue. Please call us today at 303-999-5152 or visit our web at Dutch Shine were we clean Carpets , upholstery , windows and gutters.